30 second video for My Cricket Coach

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Last year I helped Ben Williams put together some promotional videos for his new training product, ‘My Cricket Coach’.

He called me out of the blue recently with a rush job – He’d been working hard getting his new ‘My Cricket Coach’ app ready but was having trouble creating a professional looking video to advertise the app on YouTube. The app was due to be launched in a couple of weeks and he needed to get the ad out.Read More  »

Developing a new website for Motionworks

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John’s story was a typical one. He had created a website in WordPress, because it’s simple and geared perfectly to the type of content he was producing. Unfortunately, the website went through a few different developers and, as a result, didn’t really have a cohesive vision or approach to the development of it. Consequently, it ended up taking John hours to load simple products to his site.

When John first asked me to take a look at making some updates to his existing website, I could see the pain and frustration that he was going through. It just wasn’t logical or efficient. The underlying code was messy and suffered from that very common problem of ‘being added to and added to without any underlying strategy around it’ (there’s probably a simple word to describe that but I can’t think what it is).

So come 2014 we got together over Skype and made some plans to reinvent his website and perform a complete ground up rebuild of Motionworks.net.Read More  »

Welcome video for Study NZ

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I recently completed this video for Susanne Doerner and her wonderful team from StudyNZ. StudyNZ specialise in bringing students from German, Brazil and Chile to New Zealand .. and Susanne wanted a nice friendly video that  would allow prospective students and their parents to get a feel for her team.

Susanne scripted the video and we travelled to a few locations around Tauranga to capture each of her team members.

Once the I shot the footage, I then edited it together and graded clips accordingly.

Logo Animation for Layer 3

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Layer 3 is a Wellington based IT company and they heard about the logo and video work that I had completed for DTS (a Wellington based business ISP).

Hayden contacted me and gave me some examples of his branding and we talked about the feel of the animation and this is the end result.

A great little project that was all put together in Adobe After Effects.

Compositing Time Lapse with Slow Motion

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Working on a music video for Tauranga’s Audiosmith – I decided to try playing with the concept of time and how I could show time travelling at different speeds for different people.

This is a composite mixing some timelapse style footage with some slow motion footage.

By planning the shot out, it was relatively easy to pull the two together.

The variable mask feathering in After Effects really helps to hide the seams – and a little color correction really sells the effect of it being a single shot.

Video Production for mycricketcoach.com

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I had the good fortune to work with Ben Williams on the production of a series of web videos for his new online cricket coaching product – mycricketcoach.com.

Ben supplied the script and the voiceover and I took care of the majority of the filming with a Panasonic GH4 (though some go-pro and earlier HD cam footage was supplied).  I found the slow-motion mode of the GH4 to be absolutely fantastic and the 4K mode for the training videos was superb.

After I had shot all the footage at Bens great training facility in Tauranga, we selected and licensed some appropriate music and I edited the video together in Adobe Premiere. I bounced a few clips over to Adobe After Effects to add effects where required and colour graded the video back in Premiere to give it a more vibrant look.

A very enjoyable project and Ben was great fun to work with.

MD5 help for 48 Hours out of towners

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For Out of Towners who want to have a crack at the Rialto 48 Hour film making competition, we have to submit an MD5 signature to show that our film was completed before the cut off time. This is how to do it. Big thanks to @mr_timp for walking me through it!Read More  »

Logo Reveal Animation for Teamwork

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I recently met up with Sam from Teamwork ( teamworkpm.net/ ) about putting together a logo reveal animation for him to use at the start of his videos. Sam makes a very cool piece of project management software and has a background in video and media … so it was a real joy to work with him on this animation.

We tried out a few variations that were a lot more complex but we finally managed to tweak it back to a nice simple animation which we are both really happy with.

For the technically minded I used Adobe After Effects and Element 3D from Videocopilot.

A second Motion Graphics video for DTS

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I’m very much enjoying working with the guys a DTS and was thrilled to be asked to put together another video – this time for their awesome ‘Verse’ – Voice over IP – product.

I spent some more time in Cinema 4D for this one and made use of some more Plexus in After Effects (along with the usual suspects of Trapcode Form, Optical Flares and Element 3D).

Check the video out below and let me know what you think!