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Though I’m primarily a web designer I have recently become interested in motion graphics … and I have to admit it sure is a lot of fun.

One of the web sites that I frequent is Motionworks is run by John Dickinson and one of the many resources that he has is a great interview series called ‘Unplugged’.

John decided to get the community involved in submitting concepts for a new opener for the series and has issued a challenge.

Motionworks needs a hot new opening title sequence for Unplugged, our popular motion graphics interview series. We have a cool music track composed by Selcuk Can Guven, and are looking for some cool graphics to match. All entries will be showcased right here on Motionworks and the best of the best will become the new title sequence for Unplugged with a credit and web link at the end of each interview.

Well I thought that sounded like fun so I have put together a piece and submitted it for consideration.

I must say that I learned a heck of a lot putting this together and it has really whet my appetite for delving deeper into the motion graphics industry. Thanks John for issuing the challenge and thanks also to Aharon Rabinowitz for a snippet of advice; “Shy people get nothing”.

Here’s my entry below.


  1. Markos

    Hi Yimbo,

    Thanks very much. It was good fun putting it together. 🙂

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