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Like so many businesses, Creative Space had a web site that simply didn’t reflect the nature and quality of their work. Until now that is.

Creative Space are a Tauranga based architectural studio who had outgrown their previous web site. They needed a new look to aid in a marketing campaign and it needed to be very clean and very sharp .. just like their work.

I worked closely with Andre & Troy from Creative Space and produced a number of design variations based upon common themes of space, subtlety and crispness.

The site is designed to showcase their great work so we are using large images with large thumbnails throughout the site and, combined with professional photography, the end result is very visual and it becomes very easy to grasp the nature of their work.

To visit the Creative Space website please click here.

There are subtleties too, such as the fade effects on the thumbnails and project loads (achieved with a combination of CSS & jQuery) as well as the custom typeface (handled via Cufon for maintainability) and a brief logo reveal on the homepage. These all combine to add a feeling of quality to the web site.

I’m very pleased with the end result and look forward to working with Creative Space in the future.


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