Relighting a person in photoshop (and adding luminous butterflies)

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Sticking with my theme of actually doing tutorials (and not just watching along) I wanted to experiment with a very cool lighting technique demonstrated by photoshop legend, Russell Brown, in this fantastic tutorial.

We had a nice afternoon out at a local park when something caught my little one’s attention. We took a quick photo (as you do when you have kids) and when we returned and looked through the photos I realised that this was the perfect pic to try out the technique.

I wont go into all the details here unless some really wants me to break it down. Suffice to say that I sourced an image of something that looked like butterflies and composited it into the the original photo. I then made some color adjustments, added some noise and integrated the awesome relighting technique from the tutorial above. Click the image below for a comparison and be sure to click through to Russell Browns great tutorial.


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