Animating still photographs

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The rain was coming down today and I thought I’d try out a few techniques that I had seen in some After Effects tutorials recently. These aren’t high quality renders or finished animations. Just enough for me to try some new techniques.

Liquify and Particles

In a nod to Andrew Kramer’s recent ‘Animating a Still’ tutorial I thought I’d try something a little similar  by animating an eruption of Mt Ruapehu.

I found a suitable photo and sliced it up into various layers which I arranged in 3D space. I added a camera and a really basic move that was supposed to resemble someone running (I should have got hold of some actual footage with someone running and motion tracked it .. but I was being lazy).

I Used the liquify tools to animate the mountain smoke and After Effects built in CC Particle World plugin to create some basic dust floating around.

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