Tears in Heaven video: Colour treatment and particles in Adobe After Effects

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I have a good friend who is an amazing guitarist. He recently recorded a stunning instrumental version of Eric Claptons ‘Tears in Heaven’ for his YouTube channel. I took the opportunity to tidy up the video and make something quite cool at the same time.

With this project the first thing to do was see if I could tame the video a bit and shift the focus onto Baz (our guitarist) and tone down some of the background noise. I used some vignettes, blurs and general colour correction tools as well as overlaying some brighter colours to create a bit of visual interest and faux lighting.

I then duplicated the video clip, masked out the background and inserted a few layers of gently drifting particles. The particles only appear in places where there is light so they kind of resemble some magical looking dust gently floating toward the sky.

I added some video footage of children playing onto the wall behind Baz and gave it a home movie projector look as well as ramping up the colour intensity as the track intensifies toward the end.

The final video is viewable here (Baz would love a comment on the video or a click of the ‘Like’ button so don’t be shy).

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