Pet project: Comvita Science Challenge

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Some friends and I entered a competition to create a video for the Comvita Science Challenge. We had a huge amount of fun and quite a few late nights … but we’re really stoked with the end result so please go and take a look and if you have a vimeo account (which is free hint hint) then give us a big ol heart (like).

This was created in Adobe After Effects with just the tiniest bit of help from Cinema 4D.

UPDATE – We Won!


  1. joechambers

    hey well i was just going through your work and wow , i’m 18 and really interested in motion graphics , how long did it take and learn? . i just started using after efects cs4 5 days ago lol and i love it!.

  2. Markos

    Hey thanks for your comment. It took us about 2 weeks but that was quite a bit of figuring it out as we went along. There are some fantastic resources on the net. I would encourage you to check out , and
    You’ll also want to keep an eye out on my friends channel on youTube.
    We’re working on a great scene at the moment that has a bunch of cinema 4d / after effects integraton 😉

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