Audiosmith Music Video

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Here’s the final version of “Final Countdown” from Audiosmith.

I used 4 cameras for this little live clip for Audiosmith – 2x Canon 600D (t3i) plus a little canon powershot and an original go-pro – pretty much every camera that I had laying about the house. One of the Audiosmith crew operated the rear camera and zoomed in and out on the band. I operated the roaming camera around the stage with a wide angle lens .. and the other two cameras were in fixed positions.

I used a 30 day trial of Plural Eyes from Red Giant Software to sync the audio tracks (what a massive time saver that was and definitely going on the shopping list) then I had a crack at using the Multicam edit options with Premiere CS6 – then rendered the entire thing from premiere and pulled it into After Effects to add the effects. Quite a lot of fun and very much a learning experience 🙂

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