Cinema4D images and a new Website for DTS

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About 2 years ago I created a website for DTS – A business focused ISP based in Wellington. Recently the website needed a facelift and an upgrade to the underlying wordpress framework that the site was developed on.

Click here to visit the new DTS Website

Developing the Site

The previous site was built on the Thesis framework for WordPress. At the time Thesis was pretty cool but I just never got into it as much as I could have and since then, there have been some great advancements in the WordPress core system as well as number of other very useful plugins which really push WordPress nicely into the CMS realm.

I took a back up of the original DTS site and developed a brand new theme based on the ‘Bones’ starter theme and used the very fantastic ‘Advanced Custom Fields‘ plugin to manage things like Sliders, Call to Actions and Tabbed Panels etc. I also used Gravity Forms (another brilliant WordPress plugin) to handle all the contact forms.

Creating the Imagery

The previous website used a bunch of stock imagery and I really wanted to get away from that. So, for most of the slides, I created customised imagery from scratch using Cinema4D / Adobe After Effects and Adobe Fireworks as well as some great Cinema4D plugins from Nick Campbell (City Kit and Light Kit Pro). For the Hosting slide I busted out my camera and took a photo of some hosting equipment.

All the images were treated with the funky DTS blue/purple/pink color scheme and site really nicely into the site.

DTS Website

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