MD5 help for 48 Hours out of towners

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For Out of Towners who want to have a crack at the Rialto 48 Hour film making competition, we have to submit an MD5 signature to show that our film was completed before the cut off time. This is how to do it. Big thanks to @mr_timp for walking me through it!

Mac Users (Sorry windows users – but same thinking is probably applied)

Download the app featured on the Rialto 48Hours website on this page. Install it.

If you are using Mavericks then you’ll get a message about the app not being from a certified developer – You can right click the App and hold down the alt/option key and choose to open it.

Once you have the App installed – open it up and you’ll get a screen like this. Notice that it is set to “Create MD5 files


All you do is Drag your finished film into the ‘Paths to Files‘ window and press the ‘Create‘ button.


The MD5 app will create a little file and prompt you to give it a name and save it. It will be called something like: “Yourfilename.md5”

Save that little file .md5 in the SAME FOLDER as your finished film.

This little .md5 file contains the key/code that you need to enter into the form on the website – the next step shows you how to get that code.

Go back to your MD5 app and set it to “Open MD5 files“.


Then drag your .md5 file  (not the film file) into the ‘Path to File’ box and press the ‘Start‘ button

Then, if everything matches, then you should have something like this …


Now – when you submit your entry into the 48Hours competition and they ask for an MD5 signature or checksum code – you can copy and paste the code EXACTLY from the ringed area shown in the picture.

NOTE – Dont make ANY changes at all to your film after generating this code – or the code will not be valid. I wouldn’t even rename the file.

Hopefully that helps.


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