30 second video for My Cricket Coach

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Last year I helped Ben Williams put together some promotional videos for his new training product, ‘My Cricket Coach’.

He called me out of the blue recently with a rush job – He’d been working hard getting his new ‘My Cricket Coach’ app ready but was having trouble creating a professional looking video to advertise the app on YouTube. The app was due to be launched in a couple of weeks and he needed to get the ad out.

We got together, had a planning session and nailed down a plan to create a quick 30 second video which he could use to promote his app.

Ben arranged the talent and location – I shot the video with my trusty Panasonic GH4 (I love this little camera) then took the raw footage and pulled it together with a quick edit. Once Ben was happy with the edit, I graded the footage using the brilliant ‘FilmConvert’ software in Adobe Premiere. One of the shots needed some motion graphics so I created these with Adobe After Effects and finally put together a soundtrack including a music track from ‘The Music Bed’ within Adobe Audition.

We created a couple of versions of the advertisment – one with a ‘coming soon’ end plate and another with an ‘available now’ end plate.

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