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MD5 help for 48 Hours out of towners

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For Out of Towners who want to have a crack at the Rialto 48 Hour film making competition, we have to submit an MD5 signature to show that our film was completed before the cut off time. This is how to do it. Big thanks to @mr_timp for walking me through it!

How to make h.264 DSLR noise look a little nicer

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I recently helped a friend put together a short film called ‘Sequestration‘. We filmed it on my Canon 600D / T3i with Sigma 30mm and Tokina 11-16mm lenses. Aside form a bunch of issues with lighting and focusing we were pretty happy with the end result. One of the things that was really apparent in… Read more »

Creating Water with Trapcode Particular

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trapcode water

So for this shot we wanted to try and simulate some petrol splashing up out of the petrol tank. I chose to use trapcode particular to help with this as I didn’t have the time or budget to learn something like realflow and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

iPhone Video Enhancement in After Effects.

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Comparison of video color adjustment

Here’s a quick experiment with Adobe After Effects and Optical Flares (from Videocopilot). I captured this quick video on my iPhone on a recent stroll around Mt Maunganui. The sun was going down throwing a stunning gold light over everything and Ash couldn’t resist a quick paddle in the water. When I got home, I… Read more »

Compositing logos onto laptops with photoshop vanishing point

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We’ve just launched the Australian version of over at The site was pretty much a copy of the New Zealand site with content adjusted so that it was appropriate to the Australian market. The homepage however had a different feature image and the image that was selected was pretty bland. I suggested that… Read more »

Quick Tip: Copy and Paste from Illustrator to After Effects

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For some reason, copying and pasting between Illustrator and After Effects hadn’t been working for me. Perhaps I had changed an option somewhere. Turns out it was a really easy fix. So for all those that haven’t had any luck with copy and paste from Illustrator to After Effects (CS4 at least) it’s as easy… Read more »

Quick tip: Fireworks 9 slice symbols

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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Adobe Fireworks and just recently I was reminded why. I was putting together a small job for a client who needed to put the finishing touches onto his website. He has a video trading website and one of the requirements when listing videos for sale is… Read more »

Quick Tip: Activating jQuery from Flash

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Calling a javascript function from within Flash is pretty simple. Here’s how you can use it to run some jQuery effects . I used this technique when creating the website. With this website the background was entirely done in flash with the HTML elements stacked over the top. For the homepage of the site… Read more »

Cross browser testing with Adobe Browser Lab

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Cross browser testing is one the realities of creating web sites & web applications and it’s one of those things that can be a bit of a headache from time to time. My setup here is pretty standard. I have a newish iMac for my day to day work as well as a Windows laptop…. Read more »