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Compositing two photos in photoshop

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Ash on the Great Wall in his jammies

I was looking through some photos on my phone recently and came across this hard-case photo of my boy. This is his “I’m stuck to the floor” pose but to me it looked more like kung-fu … and an opportunity to try a little more photoshop compositing. There were a number of steps in putting… Read more »

Relighting a person in photoshop (and adding luminous butterflies)

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Sticking with my theme of actually doing tutorials (and not just watching along) I wanted to experiment with a very cool lighting technique demonstrated by photoshop legend, Russell Brown, in this fantastic tutorial. We had a nice afternoon out at a local park when something caught my little one’s attention. We took a quick… Read more »

Tutorial: Precomping in After Effects

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Here is my take on another fantastic Greyscale Gorilla tutorial from Nick Campbell – Precomping in After Effects. You can find the original tutorial here. Thanks Nick!

Tutorials: Do you do them or do you just like to watch?

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I have to confess that I spend invest a lot of my time in keeping up with the huge number of fantastic tutorials available these days. I’m addicted. Vodafone will be happy to hear that as I’m almost always going over my monthly data limit. One of the things that really interests me is motion… Read more »

3D animated clouds in Flash CS4 from a photo

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Checkerboard in position2

I’ve recently been putting together an opening sequence for a website I’m developing for a local architect. While I was putting this together it got me thinking that it would be quite nice to animate the clouds moving slowly through the scene. I wanted the effect to look convincing but I don’t want to have… Read more »