Animated Effects on a Photograph

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I recently was asked to animate 5 more photographs for Ogilvy and Mather in Hong Kong. Whilst putting these together I learned a few cool techniques combining Cinema 4d and After Effects. I put together a sample animation in After Effects using a photograph from NZ photographer Thomas Sobek ( ) which shows some nice animated dust and a way to have animated ‘relighting’ on the photo of the statue.

I’ll record some quick fire tutorials which show each of the effects in place as well as the Cinema 4d Camera Projection technique I used in a separate video.

How to make h.264 DSLR noise look a little nicer

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I recently helped a friend put together a short film called ‘Sequestration‘. We filmed it on my Canon 600D / T3i with Sigma 30mm and Tokina 11-16mm lenses. Aside form a bunch of issues with lighting and focusing we were pretty happy with the end result.

One of the things that was really apparent in some of the shots was that look of ‘colorful’ digital noise – and this was something I wanted to minimise. Here’s a technique that I used.Read More  »

Animated Logo Reveal for DTS

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This logo animation was made for in Adobe After Effects using Cinema4D and Element 3D from videocopilot. Element 3D certainly makes things nice and fast – and using it to animate models developed in Cinema4D is a real bonus!

Motion Graphics video for DTS

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It took a little while but I’m really happy to have this motion graphics video released for DTS’s Chapter WAN product.

There was plenty of use of Trapcode Form, Optical Flares and Element3D – and plenty of learning too.

Cinema4D images and a new Website for DTS

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About 2 years ago I created a website for DTS – A business focused ISP based in Wellington. Recently the website needed a facelift and an upgrade to the underlying wordpress framework that the site was developed on.Read More  »

VFX – Moody Background Shot

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I’m doing some work on a short film in my spare time with a friend of mine. I’ve been the camera operator (again with the trusty Canon 600D and a small selection of lenses) and I’m currently working through some of the VFX shots.

The shot below is sort of a background replacement – we wanted things to feel a little more moody, like the environment was a little foggy and wet.

The film is called ‘Sequestration’ and is shot in and around Tauranga / Mt Maunganui – New Zealand. We hope to have it out for viewing in March.



Audiosmith Music Video

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Here’s the final version of “Final Countdown” from Audiosmith.

I used 4 cameras for this little live clip for Audiosmith – 2x Canon 600D (t3i) plus a little canon powershot and an original go-pro – pretty much every camera that I had laying about the house. One of the Audiosmith crew operated the rear camera and zoomed in and out on the band. I operated the roaming camera around the stage with a wide angle lens .. and the other two cameras were in fixed positions.

I used a 30 day trial of Plural Eyes from Red Giant Software to sync the audio tracks (what a massive time saver that was and definitely going on the shopping list) then I had a crack at using the Multicam edit options with Premiere CS6 – then rendered the entire thing from premiere and pulled it into After Effects to add the effects. Quite a lot of fun and very much a learning experience 🙂