Audiosmith photography

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I recently volunteered to take some photos and put together a short promo video for local Tauranga band, Audiosmith.

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Here are the photos and I’ll post a link to the video as soon as I finish putting it all together.

If you’re in or around Tauranga and you would like some photography work completed then let me know. It’s certainly an area that I enjoy working in!


Designing the Sentinel Website

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Sentinel Server and Website monitoring is a project that I was developing with a good developer friend of mine. For the time being we’ve taken the service off line as we are thinking about a new direction for it … but I still really like the look of the website that we developed so thought I would share these screenshots of the ‘pre-production’ version. (It still has a bunch of placeholder text in them)Read More  »

Springtime 2012

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A quick video I shot of the spring growth in my backyard over the weekend. This was shot on a Canon 600D using a Sigma f1.4 ex lens and a home made dolly.

Developing animated photographs for Ogilvy & Mather – Hong Kong

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A few months ago I was contacted by some really nice folk from Ogilvy & Mather in Hong Kong. They had a really interesting assignment where they needed to animate 7 fabulous photographs to be used as background video in an upcoming iPad application for one of their clients. The key drivers were quality and subtlety (really really subtle as it turns out).

The 7 images were shot by ‘Bruno Dayan’ ( and are absolutely beautiful so I needed to take great care not to detract from them at all.

I learned some really interesting techniques on this project and I plan to break them down for you soon.

In the meantime you can see one of my favourites below (The Maldives) and you can link through to the album on vimeo here.

Animated 3D Sentinel Robot

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When we were going through a relaunch phase for our Sentinel Server Monitoring product we had a bunch of new training videos to get online. That meant that we also needed a funky opener and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to imagine what a real ‘Sentinel’ monitoring robot might look like.

I contacted a friend of mine, Tony Price, over at – and gave him a brief that went something like ‘think half tie fighter / half battlestar galactica with a glowing orange eye’. I sketched up a quick idea and he then worked his magic and produced a very cool robot for us with Cinema 4D.

He passed the robot over to me and I rigged it, lit it, animated it and exported it ready for After Effects. Here’s the animation below (with no sound unfortunately because we didn’t quite get that far).

After Effects Expression: Use the luminance of one layer to drive another layer

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I recently entered a crazy video competition with some friends. The theme was to bring an outdoor activity inside – and what better outdoor activity is there than a good old Duck Shooting session – with machines guns – in the house.

The competition has now finished and it looks like we attained a really nice third place! To check out the actual video please go here.

While putting this together I wanted to add the muzzle flashes to the guns and also some exposure hits when the muzzle flashes went off. I was already key framing the muzzle flashes and I didn’t want to key frame exposure hits as well. This got me thinking about expressions and how I could use the ‘brightness’ of one layer to drive a value in another layer.Read More  »

Creating Water with Trapcode Particular

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So for this shot we wanted to try and simulate some petrol splashing up out of the petrol tank.

I chose to use trapcode particular to help with this as I didn’t have the time or budget to learn something like realflow and I’m pretty pleased with the result.Read More  »

Quick composite and colour grade

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This is a quick color grade for a short film that I’m working on with a good friend. We green screened the car in front of our garage door then took a quick drive up the road to grab some footage for the background plate. Composited in After Effects and graded with mojo and colorista.


Cinema 4D Concert sequence

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One of my friends is an amazing guitarist and he asked me for a bit of help in creating a concert sequence for his next music video for his band, AppMantis.

I thought that sounded like a lot of fun and I had been hanging out to do something a bit creative again.

After a couple of months on and off in the evenings, and with lots of help from tutorials from Andrew Kramer and Nick Campbell, I’m happy to say that we got it nailed.

The concert sequence that I worked on kicks off at about 3:49 but go and listen to the whole track. It’s quite catchy and I think Baz and Simon have done a stellar job for something that had pretty much a zero dollar budget. Watch AppMantis – “Here for You” on Youtube and, if you like it, please click the LIKE button (on YouTube) for them.


New website for YRW

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I recently had the opportunity to work with the nice folk over at Wave Design. They had a design for a one of their clients web sites and needed some help getting it from paper to pixels.

I put this nice simple site together in WordPress and their customer can easily maintain it themselves.

Check out the actual site here: