Pet project: Comvita Science Challenge

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Some friends and I entered a competition to create a video for the Comvita Science Challenge. We had a huge amount of fun and quite a few late nights … but we’re really stoked with the end result so please go and take a look and if you have a vimeo account (which is free hint hint) then give us a big ol heart (like).

This was created in Adobe After Effects with just the tiniest bit of help from Cinema 4D.

UPDATE – We Won!

iPhone Video Enhancement in After Effects.

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Here’s a quick experiment with Adobe After Effects and Optical Flares (from Videocopilot). I captured this quick video on my iPhone on a recent stroll around Mt Maunganui. The sun was going down throwing a stunning gold light over everything and Ash couldn’t resist a quick paddle in the water.

When I got home, I checked out the video and was pretty impressed with how it came out. Not a bad little camera on the iPhone. However, it didn’t quite have that ‘golden times’ feel that I wanted. That meant it was time to crack into some After Effects 🙂Read More  »

Photoshop Composite: Ash meets Gandalf

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I found another picture of my young lad on my phone. This time he was holding a toy windmill up to a fan (He loves fans).

I needed a break from cutting html and css so decided to open up photoshop and see what I could put together.Read More  »

Animating still photographs

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The rain was coming down today and I thought I’d try out a few techniques that I had seen in some After Effects tutorials recently. These aren’t high quality renders or finished animations. Just enough for me to try some new techniques.Read More  »

Compositing logos onto laptops with photoshop vanishing point

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We’ve just launched the Australian version of over at The site was pretty much a copy of the New Zealand site with content adjusted so that it was appropriate to the Australian market. The homepage however had a different feature image and the image that was selected was pretty bland.

I suggested that the image might look a bit more appropriate if we included the DTS circle logo on the laptops in the image .. that would give it a bit more punch and reinforce the brand (plus it gave me a legitimate reason to try out the photoshop vanishing point feature).Read More  »